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Why Choose Car Lease Bronx

Our auto leasing service is distinct from traditional car leasing companies in the automotive industry. Consumers choose to secure their auto lease with Car Lease Bronx because we have a myriad of vehicle choices. Other companies only offer a specific brand of autos. Another difference is that we operate our business solely online. Other companies conduct business at a physical location.

All too often we hear about the pushy sales representatives at local companies. Many of them work on commission and prefer to close the sale in order to meet their quota. Our sales agents focus on providing superb service instead of making a buck because we believe in creating an unforgettable experience. If you want to leave frustrated, then shop with your local dealership. If you want to have a pleasant and enlightening shopping experience, then choose to work with our company.

Discounted Leasing Rates

Have you noticed our currently discounted auto leasing specials all around our site? We offer affordable auto lease rates to our clients. Feel free to check out the car lease rates with other companies and compare them to the rates offered by Car Lease Bronx. You will see that our auto leasing deals are less than traditional auto leasing companies. Plus, we tailor the leasing plans to fit the needs of our clients.

By choosing to conduct business online, we have been able to reduce our overhead expenses. Lowering expenses allows us to pass the benefits of better leasing rates to our clients. To obtain additional details on our leasing procedures, or information regarding our vehicles, call us at your earliest convenience. You can call us at (718)-393-5552.

Early Lease Termination

Individuals who have previously leased a car and needed to return the vehicle prior to the automotive leasing contract were most likely had a high termination fee added to your final bill. It is common for traditional car lease companies to charge a cancellation fee when a lease is terminated before the lease is up.

Our operations differ because the terms of the flexibility in our auto leasing terms. We definitely understand that occasionally our plans do not work out as we had hoped. We have to adjust accordingly. Then there are some of our other clients who like to switch out their vehicle before the lease is up. Regardless of the motivation behind our clients’ choice to terminate their lease early, we are here to give you a list of options. It is out job to work with you and determine the best direction to move in to meet your needs.

Lease Return Policies

At Car Lease Bronx in Bronx, NY, our auto lease policies are explained in depth before you sign our agreement. We would never spring a new regulation or charge on an existing contract. Furthermore, we will never tack on an unrelated fee to the final bill at the completion of your car lease. At the close of your auto lease, the car will go through our assessment procedure to determine if any additional charges need to be added to your final bill.

For example, we examine the condition of the returning vehicle. We understand the vehicle will show some signs of usage. After all, you leased the vehicle because you needed one to drive. If you would like more details concerning our auto lease return policies, please calls us at (718)-393-5552.



Click here to view our lease specials !